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Sick of ‘live, love, laugh’? You aren't alone.

No two people are the same.

But when it comes to greeting cards, people are limited to the same mass-produced messages*.

(If you’re sick of ‘Live, love, laugh’ you know what we mean)

By printing on demand, we can create a diverse range of cards for the diverse world we live in (while being better for the environment).

Oh, and did we mention they’re all made by hand?

More than 150 handpainted illustrations (Not that anyone is counting)

All our cards are hand-painted by illustrator Letizia Bozzolini. They are first created digitally, before being traced onto 21x21cm painting paper.

The traces are then painted with gouache and finishing details are added using wax-based coloured pencils.

The 21cm squares are then scanned at 600DPI and sized down to 10x10cm.

Finally, the artwork + text is digitally printed on our super secret 350GSM card, which ensures a similar look, feel and colour to the original painting!