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We just wanted to write home

Hi, we’re Justin and Leti, co-founders of There’s a card for that.

We’ve worked as an advertising copywriter (Justin) and art director (Leti) for 25+ combined years.

While separated from our families during the pandemic, we noticed the greeting cards we were sending home were a bit sh*t: expensive, generic, and impossible to buy online.

So we set out to make greeting cards that don't suck: sustainable, inclusive, made with love and care and easy to buy. Simple.

Letizia Bozzolini

Letizia grew up in Milan, but has lived in Australia and New Zealand since 2016.

She has over 15 years experience as an advertising Art Director, as well as the editor of two community magazines (before MySpace was cool).

She is responsible for the cards (all 150 and counting), brand and design for the business.


Justin Butler

Justin grew up in Sydney, and moved to Auckland with Letizia in 2019.

He has over a decade’s experience as an advertising copywriter, while also consulting startups on brand strategy.

He is responsible for operations, customer service and the general management of the business.