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kick*ss cards, powered by data

We are currently supplying our most popular cards to brick-and-mortar retailers in Australia.

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About wholesale

We love to work with businesses and people who are passionate about doing things in a more sustainable and inclusive way.

All our wholesale cards are printed with the same local, on-demand process as our direct-to-consumer cards. As a result, we have no minimum order and a low order quantity for free shipping (rural addresses may differ).


Wholesale pricing is available to approved retailers.

Click here to create a wholesale account. We will review your profile and approve your account (or ask for more information) within one business day.

Made by hand, powered by data

Before making our cards available to retailers, they are first marketed to direct-to-consumer customers in the same location. We collect information about our best-selling cards, high-performing cards and which cards appeal to different demographics.

We use this information to then help approved retailers make more informed choices about which cards to buy.