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Product update: courier delivery and increased pricing

Posted by Justin Butler on
Product update: courier delivery and increased pricing
Short version
  • We’re introducing faster, tracked, well-packaged shipping (which subscribers will continue to get for free)
  • We’re improving our printing process, to be faster and more accurate but still high quality.
  • There are crazy cost increases on everything, including paper and petrol.
  • As a result, our cards are increasing in price from $8 to $11. 

Long version

We were overwhelmed by the great response to our Valentine’s Day range.

As our first-ever collection, it was awesome to see that people purchased almost every card across our entire range. To us it was proof that more diverse greeting cards are something that people are interested in. 

While feedback on the cards themselves was hugely positive, we heard from some people that there were occasional issues with print quality, shipping times and packaging.

While these customers all received our double-satisfaction guarantee, we’ve now changed our shipping process, with fully trackable parcels that you can follow via email or phone. We’re also working with Aramex to offer faster delivery and more protective packaging.

On top of that, we’re improving our printing process, to more quickly and efficiently fulfil orders, while maintaining the same quality printing.

Because of this, combined with increases in prices on everything from paper to petrol, we’re increasing our card price from $8 to $11.

This allows us to:

  • Offer trackable shipping that is delivered in days, not weeks 
  • Continue to print on demand, locally 
  • Print and sell year-round (for Birthdays, Anniversaries, ‘Thank You’s etc)
  • Offer more card options in the future, e.g. choose between different text + sizing

We know this is a big percentage increase from our original price, for which we apologise. We hope you still find it affordable and a price that is comparable to similar quality cards.

Any personal discount codes from Valentine’s Day will still apply.

If you have any questions or comments, please email


Leti & Justin

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