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Launching There’s A Card For That

Posted by Justin Butler on
Launching There’s A Card For That

Note: This was our original launch release from October 2021 – I am republishing it here for our records :)

Today we’re excited to unofficially launch There’s A Card For that. 

While we still have a long way to go, we’ve already come so far. 

In October 2019, we had just moved to New Zealand. 

Christmas was approaching and we wanted to send cards to our families in Australia and Italy. 

We went to a bunch of card shops and found that most cards had sold out – leaving us with only a few of the more tacky, leftover Christmas Cards. 

At the same time, we were working together as a creative team at an ad agency. 

We’d been searching for an illustrator at work, but Leti’s sketches were still some of our favourite illustrations. 

So, with Leti’s sketches in mind, we decided to make our own Christmas Cards for our family. Besides, they were the perfect combination of our two jobs – art (Leti) and copy (Justin).

We sent them off and, apart from a few happy comments from our families, didn’t think about them again.

Two months later, the COVID-19 pandemic began. 

We were in lockdown and once again wanted to send cards for Mother’s and Father’s Day – particularly as we couldn’t visit. 

To our surprise, the range of Cards available online was tiny, with long delivery times, had terrible websites, and were often much more expensive than a card you’d buy in a store. 

So, once again, we put pen and paint to paper and sent over some cards. 

This time, while still stuck inside, we realised that these cards could be bigger than just something we sent our family. 

And from here, ‘There’s A Card For That’ was born. 

We’re not quite ready yet, but we’re excited to say we’ll be open for business on Valentine’s Day in 2022. Give us a follow and be the first to hear when the cards are available. 


Justin & Leti


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